Tuesday, August 3, 2010

19 Things I Love

1. Red lipstick
2. Cold Diet Dr Pepper
3. Hiding notes in my office for people to find
4. My baby blue nail polish with gold glitter on top
5. The monster Tissue box by my computer
6. The cold wind coming through my windows right before I fall asleep
7. The smell of diesel cologne
8. Speeding to get to the mailbox everyday at 5:30
9. The freckle on my left foot
10. Reality TV
11. My red Ray Bans with my new Satchel Bag
12. Better Than Fine
13. Chinese Food
14. Pictures
15. Grape Juice
16. My Best friends serving missions for my church
17. Peonies
18. Surprises
19. Indecisiveness

1 comment:

jassy said...

nice, pictures and indecisiveness, my fave haha