Thursday, July 19, 2012

Playing Ketchup

I've been having the most marvelous summer.
Probably my best one yet.
I've always laughed at those bloggers who say they never have time to blog anymore...
Until I became that blogger.
I have no excuses really.
So line upon line (or post upon post), I'm going to try to play some ketchup.

This summer I finally got my dream job as an EFY counselor. I never thought I could love it more than when I went as a participant... but I was dead wrong because being a counselor is even more fun. I've met some of the greatest people through this job. The youth that I've come to know and love have taught me so much more than I could hope to teach them. I've grown so much from their example and they have touched my life in countless ways. Plus, if you ever need an ego boost... this job is for you. Its the power of the polo I guess. 

IMG_3476 IMG_3481 IMG_3445 IMG_3463 IMG_3450 IMG_3428 IMG_3698_2 IMG_3784 IMG_3705_2 IMG_3696_2IMG_3693_2 IMG_3669_2 IMG_4020
Have I found love at EFY?
Fat chance.
IMG_4028 IMG_4029 IMG_4031 IMG_3917 IMG_3940 IMG_3936 IMG_3958 IMG_3967


Kate Magleby said...

I wish I could have had you as my counselor when I was at efy. It looks like you're having so much fun! Hope you're doing well!

Da Bergs said...

Chad scored BIG time, he got a BIG pic!!!!!!!!!! ;)

Who the heck are you laying there kissing??? LOL....

Come home already so we can play!!! LOVE YOU!