Friday, December 21, 2012


I used to be a good blogger. Now I've gotten in to that 'post once a month' mood.
Where have I been filling all of my time you ask? Shopping for missionary clothes!
Oh, and lots and lots and lots of homework. Maybe a few other things too.

I had a lovely Thanksgiving break off of school and work. But who would want to take a break from work when you win hand turkey drawing contests or when your co-workers dress up like elves/santa.

Zoe, Jordan and I stopped at this perfect vintage clothing shop in Salt Lake City before picking up my sister at the airport. I was so excited to wear the dress that I didn't even bother to go get the hem finished, instead I used fashion tape, which doesn't work btw.


My sister Paige came in to town the friday before Thanksgiving break so I would have someone to drive home with. That same friday she received her mission call. She called me up that morning to tell me that she is going to be serving in the Italy Milan mission! Two sisters going to the two missions in Italy. We had a lot to celebrate that weekend.


Among those celebrations was Ashley and Ryan's engagement! I am so excited for Ashley and Ryan to be married. I loved being able to be there for the whole process of their meeting, first kiss, dating, falling in love, and now getting married! I'm excited to see where life takes the two of you. & I'm even more excited that Ryan has so much school left that you'll still be in Provo when I come back ;)
 IMG_6423 IMG_6440

Then Paige and I took off for California where we spent the week between home and our beach house in Oxnard. I love being able to spend vacations at the beach house. Nothing makes you feel more thankful than a morning walk on a foggy beach.


My Grandma came to visit because I was going through the Temple for the first time with my best friends and family. It was an incredible experience and it was such a blessing to be able to share it with the people so close to me. We also visited the Huntington Library and Gardens with her. Its easily one of my favorite places in California. I've been about 5 times and I've only seen about half of what there is to see.

IMG_6265 IMG_6278

Then it was back to Provo for finals week. This year my finals weren't too bad, even though I still have nightmares weeks later about forgetting to study for my Italian final. It was also a sad week because I couldn't help thinking "this is the last time i'll ____ before my mission". I'm really going to miss Provo and my friends there. This last semester was one of my favorites so it made it harder to leave.

IMG_6365 IMG_6362 IMG_6329 IMG_6320

Among my list of lasts that I wanted to check off before I left was visiting the Natural History Museum in Salt Lake City. If you haven't had a chance to visit, I HIGHLY recommend it. I went last year for a class field trip and had been dying to go back ever since. & While we were in Salt Lake I just HAD to stop at Trader Joes for finals snacks. I HAD to.

IMG_6404 IMG_6403 IMG_6402 IMG_6400 IMG_6371 IMG_6373 IMG_6377

As much as people (and when I say 'people', I mean me) hate on Utah, it really is one of the most beautiful places. I'll miss the snowy mountains, icy lakes, and colorful sunsets. 

IMG_6411 IMG_6427 IMG_6434 IMG_6430 IMG_6418

The hardest things to say goodbye to were my friends. I hate goodbyes. I am absolutely terrible at them. I've been blessed with so many incredible people in my life. Among my daily prayers, most of my time talking with the Lord is spent thanking him for my friends and all the things they do for me. I know its not goodbye forever, but even a goodbye for now seems so sad. When Preston and Nick asked for pictures before I left it seemed so surreal that I wasn't coming back for 18 months. 

IMG_6289 IMG_6438 IMG_6440

I am so grateful for my time at BYU. With this part of my life coming to an end I am feeling very sentimental. But I am also so excited for this next adventure in my life. I am so grateful for the chance I get to go on a mission in February. I am also so grateful that I have so many people supporting me in every part of my life. Thanks you guys. I love you so much.